About Me

Laura began writing for fun in 2010. She started in Virginia as a member of a monthly writer’s group. When her groupmates suggested she had talent, it sparked her interest in learning more about the craft of writing. A move to central Florida brought her in touch with the Florida Writers Association where she met memoir teacher, Patricia Charpentier. Taking Patricia’s weekend workshops, attending the FWA annual conventions, and participating in a critique group in Lake Helen gave Laura the hope she needed to write her first book. Laura was introduced to the writings of Maya Angelou through a three-month course taken with other aspiring memoirists. Maya’s writing gave Laura the courage to write about tough issues.

Grasshopper Girl: A Memoir was born in 2015 after years of effort (currently out of print). As a friend said, “In order to write, you slit open a vein and bleed the words onto paper.” Ouch. That is exactly what it felt like at times. Laura continued to study writing and most importantly at the time, she continued to write a memoir. Her second memoir Grasshopper Woman: Medium in Training was born in 2017. The study and practice of mediumship in Cassadaga, Florida enlightened her view of spirit and life in unique ways which most Americans find fascinating. She wanted others to know about what is taught and experienced within the cute town of Cassadaga.

Switching to writing fiction started from listening to the campaign rhetoric of the 2016 election. It seemed to Laura that the world forgot how awful it was when abortion was illegal. She felt compelled to remind her fellow Americans what life used to be like in the 1960s and 1970s prior to Roe v. Wade. The truth of those times became this novella of historical fiction. The Way of Choosing was born in 2019.

Her next two attempts at fiction were novels that wrote themselves. The main characters were women and the issues they faced were similar to the issues many women experience. Celeste in Cassadaga is set in the year 2042. Thinking about how life might be in the future yielded some interesting writing choices. Marina’s Joy was set in an undefined past in northern Virginia—write what you know they say. Laura’s decades as a mental health therapist inspired her work, and no, it is not autobiographical.

Laura’s work through the years as a massage therapist, administrative assistant, yoga teacher, clinical social worker, and most recently a medium and psychic helped her craft interesting viewpoints into her work. She continues to study the craft of writing through classes at Portland State University because through divine providence classes are free for those over sixty-five. Thank you, Oregon.

Laura remains happily divorced. The best part of her married life is her two children with whom she maintains an active connection today. Meditation is a daily practice and scenes for books often show up during that time. Writing can be all-consuming for which she is grateful. She hopes to keep writing for many years to come.

You are invited to contact me through this website. I plan to respond to purchase requests for signed copies of my books once per week. If you would like an intuitive phone reading, please send me a message and I will contact you within a week. I trust you will understand and honor my commitment to writing and to my family.

Blessings to you and yours.

Fiction titles coming in 2020 and beyond

Celeste and Kaleb in California – the sequel to Celeste in Cassadaga

Diana and Little Spirit – a fictional story about birth with a spiritual twist

High Bottom Alcoholic Trudges the 12 Steps – combination memoir and educational piece

…Please contact me if you would like an intuitive reading:

If you would like an intuitive reading please contact me!