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ISBN: 9781087854625

Set in the year 2042:
Celeste studied mediumship and healing at Jackson Spiritualist Camp in Cassadaga, Florida when she was younger. She and her mother had enjoyed developing their mediumistic talents together, but Mom stayed. Celeste moved on. When her mother passed away Celeste inherited her house in Cassadaga. She was forced to return to deal with the house and to figure out if she wanted to reconnect with the community. So much had changed since she left. And much had stayed the same. Celeste struggles to find her place in the community where dark forces are trying to change it in ways she never imagined.
Just when she thought she might know what to do she meets a wonderful man. Then her life turns topsy-turvy in the midst of the turmoil that has become Cassadaga. She finds herself central to the coming changes there and dreams her way to clarity. Spirit called her home; of that she is certain.